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We combine commercial activity
in the field of medical analytics
with conducting scientific research
to create modern diagnostic tools.

Analitycal methods

Mass Spectrometry

Masdiag Laboratory focuses on creating and optimizing its own diagnostic methods. The R&D department's team of specialists, with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of analytical chemistry, faces the challenges of creating innovative research methods on a daily basis. The methods being developed in the laboratory are mainly based on the use of mass spectrometry and, more recently, immunochemical techniques.

Mass Spectrometry

Dried Blood Spot

The primary service offered by Masdiag Laboratory is dried blood spot (DBS) testing. Capillary blood is taken from the finger or heel (in the case of newborns) and applied to a special filter paper. Once dry, DBS is a highly stable material that can be easily shipped to the laboratory. The low invasiveness of the blood collection, the stability of the sample and the continuous development of analytical techniques open up a wide range of possibilities for the use of DBS in laboratory diagnostics.

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Tests without leaving home

Based on dried blood spot (DBS) testing, we have created an offer for both individual customers - provided under the brand and a business offer - available through the In addition to routine diagnostic testing, our method portfolio also includes customizable methodologies that provide opportunities for personalized cooperation, as well as the development of analytical methods tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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